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This web site is your portal to a plethora of how-to and self-improvement reports on a variety of dynamic topics -- from consumer affairs; to improving your health and taking up a hobby; to all aspects of business, including home-based and corporate endeavors.

HRB Publications strives to provide you with quality products, offering online access to the very best how-to and self-improvement reports available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our reports come from creditable sources and are published in a condensed “executive summary” format designed to enlighten you with the facts you need up front.               

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The majority of our articles and reports are referred to as self-publishing material. As a valued customer and Self-Publishing Program (SPP) participant, you will receive a "Certificate of Reprint and Distribution Rights" (CRDR) by the owner of HRB Publications. The CRDR will grant SPP participants complete reprint and distribution rights to the text information found in the publication. This Includes the right to modify and edit the document any way you wish and to sell and distribute unlimited copies of any and all text information contained in the publication. Reprint and distribution rights will be limited to the material's content (i.e., not the trademark name and logo of HRB Publications and HRB & Associates).

HRB Publications is committed to helping you succeed in the self-publishing business. As a token of our appreciation, SPP participants will receive the following benefits:

  1. Free report on how to acquire, create and market self-publishing materials
  2. Free report on how to start up any business
  3. Free membership to HRB Business Exchange 

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